2019 Performing Arts Conference Presentations

By NFHS on October 09, 2019 Speech Debate & Theatre Directors & Judges article Print

The 2019 NFHS Performing Arts Conference was held at the Chicago Oak Brook Marriott from September 16-18. There were representatives from 31 states and over 10 national organizations in attendance. The presentations from the conference are linked below. 


Monday, September 16th, 2019–Speech, Debate & Theatre Workshops

Welcome and Introductions - James Weaver, NFHS and Jana Riggins, Speech, Debate& Theatre Committee Chair

Best Practices of Running Speech and Theatre Events - Adam Jacobi, WHSFA

How to Reembrace Policy Debate - Rich Edwards, Baylor University, NFHS Forensics Quarterly

How Internet Usage is Changing the Speech and Debate Contest - Lauren McCool, NSDA and Robyn Rose, Oregon

Copyright Law and How it Impacts Speech and Theatre - James Weaver, NFHS 

Innovative Approaches to State Tournaments - Craig Ihnen, IHSSA

Review & Summary - James Weaver, NFHS


Tuesday, September 17th, 2019-Speech, Debate & Theatre Workshops

“Speaking of Which Roundtable Discussion” - Moderator, Jana Riggins, Chair

Virtual Debate - Lauren Burdt, NSDA

One-Act Play Structure and Approach - Paula Rodriguez, Texas UIL and Brooks Bowman, SDHSAA


Tuesday, September 17th, 2019–Combined Music & Speech, Debate & Theatre

Welcome & Introductions - James Weaver, NFHS

Keynote Speaker - Randy Cohen, Americans for the Arts

Crisis Management, a Real-World Look Part 2 - Eric C. Arnold, Illinois Law Enforcement Training and Standards

How State Associations Can Interact with Social Media - Matt Troha, IHSA

Using Project Management Techniques to Manage Your Group - Kevin Berlat, Arizona

A Leaders Toolkit for Difficult Conversations - Mike Plunkett, OSSAA

How to Make Leaders Out of Coaches - Mick Bridgewater, ISSMA and Susie Knoblauch, IHSA

State of Performing Arts in the NFHS - James Weaver, NFHS


Tuesday, September 17th, 2019–Music Workshops

Welcome and Introductions - James Weaver, NFHS and Jennifer Brooks-Muller, Music Committee Chair

Copyright Update - James Weaver, NFHS

Adjudicating Sheets, How to Make Them Fit - Alan Greiner, IHSMA

Time Limitations for School Programs - David Waybright, University of Florida

Review & Summary - James Weaver, NFHS


Wednesday, September 18th, 2019–Music Workshops

Musical Chairs Roundtable Discussion - Moderator, Jennifer Brooks-Muller, Chair

Changing the Directors’ Perception: How Can the State Association Appear More Helpful - Craig Manteuffel, Incoming Music Committee Chair

Sight-Reading, Do You See the Importance - Matt Rowan, Mississippi

Olympic Awards - Davine Davis, MSHSAA

Contest Verses Festival Approach to Regional and State Events - Brad Kent, Texas UIL