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NFHS Helps Launch “Together As One” – A Free Marching Band Field Show Package for High School Performing Arts Programs

By NFHS on July 09, 2020 nfhs news Print

To help elevate high school marching band field show performances and ease the financial burdens facing performing arts programs in the wake of COVID-19, the National Federation of State High School Associations (NFHS) has collaborated with several organizations to produce “Together As One – One Nation,” a comprehensive field show performance package that can be used free of charge by schools across the country.

“Together As One” is powered by Varsity Performing Arts, a division of Varsity Spirit, in partnership with the NFHS and in coordination with United Sound – a nonprofit organization that provides musical performance experiences for students with special needs. The aptly named program includes a six-minute, fully arranged, designed and choreographed marching band performance that equips bands, cheer and dance teams with all the necessary elements to execute in unison.

“The NFHS is proud to partner with Varsity Performing Arts in the ‘Together As One’ marching band project,” said Dr. James Weaver, NFHS director of performing arts and sports. “Over the past several months, it has been a pleasure to work with an incredible group of nationally-renowned composers, arrangers and choreographers to provide this amazing marching band show.”

“As our country recovers, young people will need school spirit now more than ever before,” said Bill Seely, President of Varsity Spirit. “’Together As One’ is designed to help bring school spirit back into America’s schools in a powerful way, with the collaboration of the cheerleaders, dance team, band programs, and any group in the school that wants to be included. Our hope is that this will help ignite a strong sense of school spirit and community in the fall when our schools need it most.”

In addition to Weaver and executives from other national music organizations, “Together As One” utilizes contributions from a world-renowned cohort that includes design coordinator David Starnes and composer/music coordinator Robert W. Smith, along with 21 other individuals who are among the very best arrangers and choreographers in the field.

 Spring is the most active time of the year for high school marching band fundraisers, meaning the vast majority of programs lost most – if not all – of their opportunities due to the pandemic. With field show arrangement costs often totaling multiple thousands of dollars, “Together As One” will not only serve to unite marching bands, cheer and dance teams around the country, but will provide schools with a much-needed cost-effective option for the upcoming season.

“We’re excited for this program to be provided to all schools for free with the hope of creating a sense of unity throughout the United States and all of our music programs,” Weaver said. “As we return to the classrooms, fields, rehearsal rooms and performance halls, we hope we all return ‘Together As One.’”

More information on the “Together As One” project can be found on Varsity Spirit’s website at: https://www.varsity.com/performing-arts/together-as-one/.

Band directors and performing arts leaders who would like to register for access to “Together As One” digital materials including sheet music and online video choreography can do so at: https://varsityspirit.wufoo.com/forms/together-as-one-contact-information/.