Distributed Music Recordings

By NFHS on April 27, 2020 music directors & adjudicators article Print

Guidelines for using distributed student recordings for K-12 assessment and adjudication by the publishers are listed below. These guidelines are designed for a limited duration and scope to allow for student musicians to complete their year-end assessments and classroom instruction while schools are closed due to the COVID-19 outbreak. No recorded performance can be distributed outside of these guidelines and the listed publishers unless they meet Section 17 U.S. Code § 110(D)(ii)(I)(aa) of the US Copyright Law.  

  • Performances must be shared in as private of a setting as possible, and must be viewable by individual link only.
  • The performance can only be shared for educational assessment or state adjudication purposes.
  • The recorded performance must use legally purchased music.
  • Any arrangements made shall have proper permissions secured prior to recording.
  • Once the recorded performance has been adjudicated it must be deleted from the sharing platform.
  • This special permission will expire on June 15, 2020.   


Publishers that have graciously agreed to allow their music to be recorded and distributed under the above terms (Updated 4/15):



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